The New Shaiya Skill Setup

Discussion on the new Shaiya skills setup that started 23 June 2010. Is it an improvement or did it ruined Shaiya forever? I'm from Gaia, Union Of Fury(Darky) and i've seen many complains between my guild Havoc, area chat and trade chat(mostly trade) and mostly of those chats are mentioned about how Shaiya is ruined. Pagans mostly is what i've heard and its true, you can't make full Int pags because it requires extremely more mp to cast. 1 spell will take about 1/3 of a pags MP. So pags are useless now. I deleted my HM pag that same day Shaiya decide to ruin the game and I made a UM tank. For Warriors, I heard they became more powerful, not sure yet cuz mine is lvl 15 in PVP at the moment. Oracles, the spell Protector and Prayer just made Orcs into Tanks cuz of the awesome def boost. But if you make them a Borc(Battle Orc) it might be the same as a Pag waiting MP. So i suggest you go either full wis or put some points on rec. Hunters and Tanks I do not know much about their changes but will put in something as soon as I lvl mine or I hear from people. Assassins, I know 1 move was removed and that was Trap. Trap was a good move for removing stealth from other Lightie's side Rangers.Asamisoul 18:33, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

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